We empathetically help clients in their homes by creating functional, clutter-free spaces that improve their daily well-being.

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Hi there! I’m Amy, I’m a professional organizer with a team of the best organizers in all of San Diego. 

I’m not a perfectionist, but I’ve always loved organizing. I love the tangible difference in the feeling of a room, the ability to relax and gather in it once it’s organized and thoughtfully arranged.

Hey, I'm Amy!


We will transform and organize homes in your safe space such as closets, home offices, and more! Whether you’re looking for a full transformation or just a finishing touch, we provide solutions that fit your lifestyle. 

Interior Room Organization


This space is truly the heart of your home! We organize kitchens and pantries that are usually neglected and can’t play their role in providing nourishing meals, family time and cost-saving opportunities.

Kitchen Organization

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The garage is a convenient part of the home where homeowners can store vehicles, lawnmowers, yard gloves, and more. We organize and create custom-designed, locally-sourced solutions for your garage

Garage Organization

"Amy and her team are exceptional! I reached out to Amy to inquire about garage organization, and she got back to me in 3 hours, while on vacation too! 2 days later I had a quote and a date scheduled to have our garage cleaned and organized, just one week from me reaching out. Unfortunately I had to unexpectedly be out of town when the project was scheduled, so I hopped on a phone call with Amy ahead of time and talked about goals for this project. My husband was on site for the day of the clean out, and said the team was respectful, efficient and an overall pleasure to work with. This was an in depth clean up and organization project, Waverly Organizing nailed it! I’ll be calling again for assistance with our closets and play room. Highly recommended from an ease of scheduling and quality of service perspective."


"Amy and her sweet team have come to organize for me *3* times in the past year! first to do my 4 car garage which they took from a giant heaping pile of forgotten goods, boxes, trash, etc into a completely usable space we could park cars in! Everything got sorted, donated or trashed in 5 hours which would have taken me 5 years to do alone. The next was to clean out a bunch of closets, office space and bedrooms. Again, this team was so professional, helpful, quick and amazing. Yesterday they came back to pack up my kitchen and pantry and bathrooms as we prep to rent out our house. The system they use is so efficient and perfect that it made it easy for me to make decisions about what to keep, what to donate and what to trash. Not only is Waverly outstanding in their professionalism, quickness, and organization, you can tell Amy and her team deeply believe in the way this will change your life. They care beyond making a quick buck, but will help you organize your life in a way that eliminates clutter from your mind and heart and you'll feel like you lifted a giant weight off your shoulders. Don't wait until you have time. make time. This will be one of the best things you do in your life. I promise!"


"The ladies after Waverly Organizing Amy and Nikki were awesome. Due to a cycle of depression leading up to clutter leading to depression and job related PTSD I was frozen in my ability to sort and clean out a common area of my home. I contacted Amy and set a date. Although I am a huge advocate and believer in asking for help is a sign of strength not weakness, I still initially was embarrassed and ashamed at how bad I had let things go. Amy assured me there was NO JUDGMENT and it would all be fine. When they arrived they were excited to start and somehow sorting out became easy. I busted through my work related stuff, tossing it all out! Filled to the brim a van for donation and well let's just say it will take a few weeks of trash days to get rid of the bags of trash but that's OK! The room looks amazing! THANK YOU ladies!"


"Don't hesitate, hire them! Like a lot of families with young kids and very busy lives, clutter got out of control in our house. I thought I could do it myself, but after having them in our home I realize just how profoundly supportive, helpful and absolutely necessary it is to get professional organization help if you truly want to declutter and finally have a beautiful home. Amy and Savannah are incredible people who truly care about you having a peaceful and happy home. They have expertise in so many areas that truly get your home organized (things I never thought of despite being an interior designer myself!) and they brought everything I needed (baskets, cabinets, organizers) in ways I wouldn't have thought but was perfect."


"Waverly Organizing is AMAZING! Amy and her team are incredible. They are professional, hard-working, efficient, kind, fun & talented. They get the job done fast and you can tell they are passionate about what they do. They are very considerate of your things and your vision, with no pressure. I highly recommend getting in touch with Amy and you won't regret it. Decluttering and organizing not only feels great, but it will help you be more productive/present in other areas and way less stressed. We were able to find things we forgot we had or things we forgot we purchased so you will save money in the long run and you will have a sustainable system in place to help you move forward. I felt inspired to organize other areas of my house and as a busy mom I now have more time back with my kids. I wish I had done this years ago when I moved in. Thank you Waverly for making this process so easy! You all are changing lives and making a big impact on the world. Feels good to support a local, woman owned business - they are deserving."


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